Takht-e Foulad is a historical cemetery in Isfahan, Iran. The cemetery is at least 800 years old. In the 13th century in the Ilkhanid era Takht-e Foulad was the most important cemetery in Isfahan and all of the famous personalities have a mausoleum in this cemetery. In the Safavid era there were 400 mausoleums in Takht-e Foulad, but there are now only 8 mausoleums from the Safavid era. In the Qajar era a large part of the cemetery was destroyed, but the cemetery hasn't lost its importance and by the end of Pahlavi era it was the most important cemetery in Isfahan. There are 20 structures from the Qajar era and 17 structures from the Pahlavi era in the cemetery. Before the Safavid age the cemetery had been known as Lessan ol-Arz and Baba Rokn ed-Din, but from the Safavid age until now its name is Takht-e Foulad.